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 PK in Bloody Plain

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Bloody Plain is the mysterious desert terrain (once an Oasis) where the Final Duel of The War of Nine Dragons was fought. Bloody Plain is also the designated area where Black & White Wars are held between the disciples of Black and White Clans.

Bloody Plain is the only map that is a PK Zone on every server.

PK is short for Player Kill Mode in 9Dragons and it refers to a style of game play in which players can engage in combat with other players without advanced warning or consent. It is distinguished from normal play or Pleasant Mode where combat can only be initiated as a Duel between players with mutual consent. Upon transition to a PK Zone, a warning sign will appear that reads, “Your mode can be switched to Combat mode without your intention in this area. Do you still want to move?” You may then decide to accept or decline moving to that new area or map.

The Cave of The Conqueror is a dungeon located in the center of Bloody Plain, reportedly filled with lost treasures. Those who are victorious during Black & White Wars are granted access to this dungeon’s lower depths.

Players may find Treasure Chests scattered throughout Bloody Plain which may contain “Special Antidotes” which can help neutralize the poisons found within The Cave of The Conqueror.

Safety Zones and Defenders of Bloody Plain
The White Clan Safety Zone is typically guarded by a Defender of Shaolin and The Black Clan Safety Zone is typically guarded by a Brotherhood Windsman. Within each Safety Zone you will also find either a Master Hand, Imperial Army Guard or a Bloody Hand, Infernal Army Guard who will enforce the rules of The Safety Zone and hand out severe punishments to those who break them.

See the map listed below for designated Safety Zones within Bloody Plain. Safety Zones are indicated by the color purple.

PK in Bloody Plain Image011

The Laws of The Safety Zone (Bloody Plain)
If a player strikes another within the confines of a Safety Zone, and causes light damage, then the violation will be considered as a Misdemeanor. Should a player go so far as to injure another player to the point of entering a Near-Death State, then the violation will be labeled a Felony, and the offender will be thereafter attacked by guards on sight.

A Misdemeanor Penalty will be enforced should you attack another player within the confines of a Safety Zone or should you step into a Safety Zone with more than 6 seconds left in a round of PK combat.

You will currently be penalized if you become a Criminal in the following manner:

Misdemeanor Penalty: Movement speed will be reduced by 50% and Lightfoot Technique shall be disabled for 10 minutes.

Felony Penalty: Movement speed will be reduced by 80%, all defense and dodge capability will be reduced by 30%, and Lightfoot Technique will be disabled for 3 hours.

Should you become a Criminal, you can be killed on sight by any DNPC (Dynamic Non-Player Character) that you encounter.

There is no way to undo Criminal status until the allotted penalty time elapses. The amount of time refers to time spent within The Land, so know that this time shall not elapse or lessen due to absence. So if you have committed such an offense, and must do your time, it is recommended that you spend it in peaceful meditation whereby the Buddha seed in you may grow and thrive and help you to resist all future infractions.

PK in Bloody Plain Pk7

Prompt System Messages such as, “You have now left the Safety Zone” will alert you when you are inside or outside of a Safety Zone, and in most instances a Safety Buff Icon will appear in the upper left hand corner of your screen while you are within the parameters of a Safety Zone.

PK in Bloody Plain Pk8

Lost Disciples of Bloody Plain & The Cave of The Conqueror
You may encounter many ex-disciples of Major Clans who have dwelled too long in Bloody Plain and have succumbed to the ill effects of this desecrated area of The Land. The result is that they have all gone quite insane, will not listen to reason, and shall attack without warning. Among them are Steel Sword of Wu-Tang, Black Falchion of Heavenly Demon, Heavy Pole of Shaolin and Viper Wheels of Sacred Flower. Here is wisdom… do not dwell too long in Bloody Plain or suffer the same fate that they have!
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PK in Bloody Plain
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