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 The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide

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PostSubject: The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide   The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 9:24 am

The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide

Warriors, in short, are the ultimate anti-nuker and anti-healer. I'm not saying I have anything against either class, but I AM saying the only thing that can defeat a Warrior is a hybrid, which must be a Wisdom build, and have a Maxed, or at-least high level Para-Nuke. This is a very cowardly way of fighting and I never approved of it.

Ok, you Clan Apprentice, you. You want to follow the path of a warrior, eh? Aye, it's a good path. But... Keep this in mind:

    The grind is easy until only about RL1.
    Nukers will own you in Bloody Plain if you aren't fast enough.
    Wisdom build hybrids are to be avoided at all costs.
    Still with me? Good.

That aside, Warriors are the greatest. But, they should keep in mind:
You never know whose buff you could be relying on during grinding. Twisted Evil

Moving on, if your tiny brain took all that in (Trust me; it's a little difficult on the first go. Razz ), lets move on to the Good side of Warriors.

    Nukers = Cakewalk to PK.
    Healers = What do you think you are, flea (PK only, keep the buffs in mind Twisted Evil )?
    Easier grind than Nukers after about GB.
    With a good STR build, they can kill a mob in less than 10 seconds (Applies to Yellow color and below).

Still want to be a warrior? Good.


Without further ado, I present to you the Warrior weapons of 9Dragons (Forgive the Wheels, I was playing my 'Hidden' Sacred Flower at that point in time. ~Is refusing to release the name~).

The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Weaponssp0

The League of Beggars: Staff
Shaolin: Polearm
Wu-Tang: Sword
The Brotherhood of Thieves: Spear
Sacred Flower: Wheel
Heavenly Demon Saber

When placing mastery for warrior, Do not try playing around with other weapons. Let me make this easy to remember: Stick to your clan's warrior weapon... OR I WILL KILL YOU!!!
At Opening Chi 2, you will have maximum mastery for your main weapon. What now you ask? Save it. Advanced Mastery is coming, chill. You can live with a little silver + sign until then.

The Best of the Best
The best clans for Warriors are as follows, top being the best.

Brotherhood of Thieves Warrior Bandit
Warrior Bandits train Ji Longfeng's Divine Spear techniques, then take their rightful place as soldiers on the frontline. Warriors learn how to focus their energy and driving force, and to become of single mind with their weapons, like living spears.

Shaolin Luohan Monk
Luohan Monks do not fear death, knowing it for a mere transition to other states. And so, with this conviction firmly in mind, they step forward to the front lines of combat with unmatched confidence. They train in all manner of Shaolinís polearm techniques, and several types of Xumi Arts designed to reform Evil.

The League of Beggars Vanguard Beggar
Vanguard Beggars are The League's muscle. They stand in the front lines to fight opponents and protect innocents. Vanguards concentrate their training on mastering aggressive Kung Fu and Staff maneuvers.

Wu-Tang Blue Dragon
Wu-Tang is The Clan of Divine Sword, and it has been bruited that Blue Dragons, who hold the frontlines in combat, are the reason why. They master the slow, supple techniques of Cloud Swords and the fast, unpredictable techniques of Wind Swords. They also learn Arts of Xuanxu, which neutralize negative internal energy to cultivate both mind and body.

Heavenly Demon Blood Demon
Offense is the only acceptable defense for Blood Demons, who are always the first to rush into battle; so those who fear death in any form cannot become Bloods. Blood Demons wield Heavenly Demonís savage saber techniques and powerful Demonic Confusion Arts.

Sacred Flower Mistress of War
Mistresses of War are imbued with the aggressive nature of the Holy Mistress, and will step forward in battle as bravely as any man. They train with the deadly Flying Wheel and Butterfly Wheel combat techniques, and may also become proficient with charms of Enchanting Spirits to confound their opponents.

If you are a first time player and/or this is your first warrior, I strongly recommend Thieves. Sacred Flower warriors, even thought they are a vast majority in the clan, and I have one myself, still just don't cut it and are not recommended for PvP. Blood Demons. About them. They look cool. That's it. Not recommended either.

If you really really don't want to play a Thief or a bald guy or a dude dressed in rags, and you don't like Wu-Tang's pwnsome Pajamas, I guess you can play one, but really, do you want to risk becoming what looks like a reject from an 80's band with those bell bottoms? Looks don't matter, and that's the only reason Demons are close to the bottom, trust me.

I know, Blood Demons have found me out. They are cool because of a faster skill cast then Thieves.

Sorry. Sure it looks like it, all the Demons do is preform this charge maneuver, while Thieves do this loooonggg draaawwwn outttt POP! Doesn't work that way, The timing for all equivalent skills is the same, So don't worry about it. What I said about the best of the best stands true. They looks like they are different timings, but really, turn down your graphics sometime and compare. Different timing is an optical illusion caused by the fancy effects surround your character when you activate it.

The equipment

You generally want to head for HP clothes and damage wristbands. Mansion with damage wristbands is the best equip for a warrior you can get, however you are required to be FD12 for mansion, so Wind & Lightning and National Beauty along with Gongsun Family is good. You get some good boots at RC12, and a nice hat in early FD levels.

Male: The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Jacketsa2 The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Pantsox9 The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Wbqf9

Female: The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Jacketgi0 The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Pantsoq2 The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Wbzy4

The build

Before you are a warrior, I generally do a balanced build one stat in each every level, avoiding wisdom. Once I reach the stage of being a warrior, I Go strength build.

Str Vs. Dex
Being a veteran Dex user up until about FD1, I know about this. Dex builds do not work out. I saw no difference in how often I hit with critical when I went Strength build, in fact I saw a slight increase. And Defense which comes from Strength makes up for the Low Constitution In this build. Remember what I said about Hybrids/Healers? Str Builds need them. But that's no problem, just stick around with a good party with a healer with good buffs, and if you are a premium user get cavity presses.

STR: This should be your main Stat. At Five Dragons 9, I have 166 Strength total, however, you may need more. Most people Strength build have the max (250) by Mid-Sun and Moon levels. When you first become a Warrior at OC1, 50-60 Strength is good. When you level, stack pretty much all into strength unless you feel your Constitution needs a little raise.

ESS: Just because this is your drop stat does not mean you should ignore it entirely. Essence is very important, but you're only going to need 15-30 overall. I prefer to keep it low 20s and I use things to buff it up, to get a general Vital Energy in the 1000s.

WIS: Wisdom is the Absolute LAST stat you worry about. The only reason you need it is for some equipment that requires it to be up a little.
Opening Chi- Do not touch wisdom. You don't need it yet. That's right, leave it at 8.
Revolving Chakra- Bring it up to 10. Revolving Chakra Relics require 10 Wisdom.
Raising Light- Leave at 10; there are no Raising Light Relics.
Five Dragons- Bring up to 12 for relics.
Sun and Moon, Golden Blossoms- Do not touch
Elemental Crown- Bring to 14 for the EC relics.
Floral Crown, Crimson Snake- Do not touch.

CON: Generally when you first become a Warrior, you want 30-40 Constitution, and stack on as needed. I only have 50-60 and I'm FD9, But that's with good equipment, so by the time you're my level you're either going to need the equipment I use, or you're going to want 70-80 Constitution.

DEX: OC1 Warriors don't need all too much Dex, I would say 30-40 until RC when you should start bringing it up to around 50-70. At FD9, My Dexterity is around 100 or so, but it's not as important as Strength in this build, So work it whichever way works best for you.

Choice of Fate
Eyeballing those dungeons are you? Well, It's a little difficult, but with some luck, and a dedicated high level, it can be done.
CoF Shi Zhang/Zhengzhou: For Killer of Shuan Mian/Meng Mian, I don't really recommend going during the RC levels, You simply don't have enough Dexterity at the point; Nor do you need that much. Mid-Raising Light is possible.

VoH Datong/Jinan: Heading for here can be dangerous. During the boss bug, it was possible to get killer at low Five Dragons levels. Now, you should be Mid-Sun and Moon (Big enough to fight the mobs) before thinking about entering.

Mansion/Wild Tower Nanchang/Hangzhou: It is indeed possible to get the killer epithet here in Golden Blossoms, but it is not recommended, Really, you should wait until High EC- Mid FC before attempting this.

Non-Dungeon Epithets
Shen Mo Datong/Jinan Mid-Golden Blossoms is the suggested level, And I strongly recommend you don't even approach this bad boy before-hand. His powers are mean, mean ,mean.

True General Wei CoC Crimson Snake 1 see this monster as red, so It's not suggested to go after the epithet until CS1, even though he's still red. I mean C'mon, CoF and VoH bosses are red when you go after them. Ok, Ok. TGW takes four hours to kill, with all the CS attacking him. And you may have seen FC with the epithet, but trust me. Wait until CS1.

What mobs to fight, you ask? Well, don't be a chicken! Warriors can pwn anything that gets in their way! Well unless it's red of course. Yellow mobs are best at the beginning, but you may be required to grind on Green and Light Blue mobs at some point (RL5-FD1, Brown Bears). Try to keep on Yellow, but if it gets too difficult, you can drop down a color or two.
Caution: There are what I call 'shades' of all colors of mobs in 9Dragons. Pay attention to the level next to the mob name. If it is 4 levels ahead of you, it is considered a 'Dark Orange' and you should not grind on it. 3 levels ahead of you are better, but you should stick to Dark and light yellow (1 and 2 levels ahead of you).


HOLD IT! I know you really really can't wait to get your hands on one of those super sparkly weapons, but slow down a bit. You don't need those yet, chill. What? You MUST have one? Ok. Go grind. *Sigh* What do you mean WHEN can you get one? Argh, fine, here:

To refine, one must acquire what is called a Blood Essence.
Ways to acquire a Blood Essence, more commonly known as a 'BE'.
    Get your Bloodcount to 999, and then push the button.*
    Buy one from another player; see Marketplace board for pricing on BEs.
    Get them in a drop from a mob.**
    Get in a drop from a Boss.

*This: The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Bloodcountdm3
Is your bloodcount. It goes up when you kill mobs.

Red mobs: 1-2
Orange Mobs: 1-2
Yellow mobs: 1-2 (chances of 2 are rare)
White mobs: 1
Green Mobs: 0-1
Light Blue Mobs: 0-1 (chances of 1 are rare)
Dark Blue Mobs: 0

If you die you lose ALL Bloodcount.

**A mob is short for monster, anything you fight to gain experience.

Once you have your BE, you need to see someone in Hefei:
The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Dude1le7
Pick the appropriate blood you need (You'll find out which ones you need in a moment), and then go to see this person:
The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Dude2wc4
Ok, spare me the look. Yes this is the most hated NPC in all of 9Dragons. Why? Because refining isn't always successful you know. Talk to her, click 'Weapon Refinement' and then right click on the weapon you wish to refine.She will then tell you what blood you need. Here is how refining goes, the glow effect, the blood and what level you should be before refining your weapons to that level:

0 BE +1 Blood of Sleeping Dragon RC6+ Weapon retains same color
0 BE +2 Blood of Crouching Dragon RC6 + Weapon retains same color
1 BE +3 Blood of Mist Dragon RL6+ Faint white glow
2 BE +4 Blood of Roaming Dragon RL10+ Strong White glow
4 BE +5 Blood of Rising Dragon FD6+ Weak Green Glow
7 BE +6 Blood of Cloud Dragon SM6+ Strong Green Glow
10 BE +7 Blood of Thunder Dragon GB1+ Weak Blue Glow
15 BE +8 Blood of Sky Dragon EC6+ Strong Blue Glow
20 BE +9 Blood of Monarch Dragon FC1+ Strong Red glow

Number of Blood Essence required is accumulative. You can attain the first two Dragon Bloods from the General store in Hefei.
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PostSubject: Re: The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide   The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 11:56 am

nice guide. But I disagree with you on the animation times they really do come into play. Maybe not so much as for warriors but I've seen and felt the difference when it comes to HD's healers and beggar's healers buffing. I also gotta disagree with being able to beat a nuker. Unless you get the drop on them and are sure you can out run them they are gonna dance around while you bleed to death. but then nothing is set in stone.
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The Way of the Warrior: Advanced Warrior Guide
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