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 Warriors starting

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PostSubject: Warriors starting   Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:16 am

ok after reach wu tang clan first and all try to don't waste too much money on wp refined most of all of you already know is not worthy at lower lvl, at the start the char doesn't need too much dex for grinding and also almost everyone here already knows you won start going to bp so sooner and is not need it, also is better start grinding than doing pvp, later it will be hard lvl up to be more stronger, so anyway try to use this kind of stats at least for beggining and keep that rhythm until sm or gb, at OC1 choosing warrior role, 56 stre 8 wis 12 ess 30 cons 40 dex, is usefull for grinding and keep using your chi in this way each lvl 2 stre,1cons,1dex when you change category for example OC to RC use 3 stre,2cons,1dex, and in only 1 lvl use the 4 chi on ess, this lvl can be at any future lvl from oc to sm/gb.
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Warriors starting
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