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PostSubject: ADVANCED MURPHYOLOGIC   ADVANCED MURPHYOLOGIC Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 10:23 am

LAW DE MURPHY. -----------------------------------------------------If something has to leave bad, it will leave bad.
SYNTHESIS DE SCHNATTERLY ON THE COROLLARY ONES. ------If something cannot come out bad, it will leave bad.
PARADOX DE SIVERMAN. --------------------------------------------If the Law of Murphy has to leave bad, it will leave bad.
EXTENSION TO THE LAW DE MURPHY ------------------------------If a series of events can come out bad, it will leave bad in the worst possible --------------------------------------------------------------------------sequence.
COROLLARY DE FARNDICK OF THE COROLLARY RECRUIT--------After the things have gone of bad in worse, the cycle will repeat.
EXTENSION DE GATTUSO OF THE LAW DE MURPHY----------------Anything is so bad never as so that it cannot worsen.
LAW DE MURPHY ON THE GOVERNMENT ----------------------------If something can go bad, it will make it for triplicate.
I ANNEX TO THE LAW DE MURPHY-----------------------------------In precise mathematical terms, 1 + 1 = 2, where the symbol "= it means --------------------------------------------------------------------------"rarely, if at all."
RULE DE FAHNSTOCK ABOUT THE FAILURE ------------------------If it doesn't hit upon to the first one, destroy all the evidences that he/she has --------------------------------------------------------------------------attempted it.

HAS MORE THAN ENOUGH. MENCKEN-------------------------------The complex problems, have simple and easy erroneous solutions of understanding.
LAW DE FLUGG--------------------------------------------------------When one needs to play wood it is when we realize that the world this made up --------------------------------------------------------------------------of aluminum and vinyl.
LAW DE IMBESI ON THE CONSERVATION OF THE DIRT-----------to clean something, is to dirty another thing.
Extension of Freeman But it can get dirty everything without cleaning anything.
ADVANCED LAW OF THE SEARCH-----------------------------------The first place where you should begin to look for something, it is in the I finish --------------------------------------------------------------------------where it would be hoped to find it.
LAW DE MARYANN----------------------------------------------------is Always what is not looked for.
INAPPLICABLE LAW---------------------------------------------------to Wash the car so that it rains he/she doesn't usually give result.
LAW DE NAESER------------------------------------------------------can make something safe against silly, but he/she cannot make anything safe --------------------------------------------------------------------------against that damned one silly.
LAW OF he/she DOUBTS ABOUT THE DUALITY---------------------Of two events possible, alone it will not happen the wanted.
LAW DE HANE----------------------------------------------------------doesn't exist you limit so that the things go bad.
LAW DE PERRUSEL-----------------------------------------------------is not task so simple that it cannot become bad.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------1. it is Never the first one.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------2. it is never the I finish.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------3. volunteer is never presented for anything.

PRINCIPLE DE Given PAROUZZI--------------------------------------a wrong beginning, the problems were increased in exponential proportion.
THE FACTOR CHI Quantity = -----------------------------------------1 / Quality; or the quantity is inversely proportional to the quality.
LAW DE KEN------------------------------------------------------------A particle that moves, looked for the eye but next.
LAW DE SCHOPENHAUER ON THE ENTROPIA -----------------------If one adds a spoonful of wine to a barrel full with having undone, they are obtained undone.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If one adds a spoonful of having undone to a barrel full with wine, they are obtained undone.
LAW DE ALLEN---------------------------------------------------------is almost always but easy to enter that to leave.
LAW DE FROTHINGHAM-----------------------------------------------The urgency is inversely something proportional to its importance.
PRINCIPLE DE ROCKEFELLER----------------------------------------Never makes anything that alone he would like them to see him making it once --------------------------------------------------------------------------dead.
LAW DE YOUNG ABOUT THE INANIMATE MOBILITY----------------All the inanimate objects, they can move enough like to be in the way.
LAW OF "OF THE CUETO"---------------------------------------------The probability that you are in a place with the woman of your life it is inversely proportional to the commitment that you have with the person that accompanies in that moment.
COROLLARY------------------------------------------------------------If you are alone, it will be of 0%
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If you meet with a woman that you like it is of 25%
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If these with a friend but pleasant that your, is of 50%
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If you meet with your father-in-law, the probability it is of 75%
--------------------------------------------------------------------------If you meet with your wife and your children, it is of 100%.
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