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 The Mask System

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A Mask is an article of clothing that allows you to temporarily conceal your identity. Masks enable you to engage in PK Combat against a disciple of your own clan while hiding your face and name. Outlawed by The Imperial Emperor, they can only be purchased from Black Market Dealers.

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How to wear a Mask
To activate a Mask, select it within your Bag and either right-click or double click the Mask Icon. The Mask will appear on your character and cannot be reused. Masks do not take up any space in your Character’s available Wardrobe. Should you use another Mask while a Mask is already in use, the new Mask will be immediately equipped and the effect time will be extended.

Things one cannot do while wearing a Mask:

PK with a Mask on:
1. One cannot earn any Good Karma, or raise one’s level of Kung Fu, from defeating an opponent.
2. If one is defeated, one’s Karma Points and Kung Fu decrease will remain.

Dueling with a Mask on:
1. One cannot Duel while wearing a Mask.
2. One cannot challenge or accept a Duel while wearing a Mask.

How to deactivate or remove a Mask
There are three ways to deactivate, or remove a mask and each offers the same message as a result of success, “Mask has been removed.”

Automatic Removal (Deactivation)
After 30 minutes a Mask will expire and be automatically removed.

Manual Removal (Deactivation)
1. While wearing a Mask you may right-click the on-screen Mask Icon to remove it.
2. If you select “YES” on mask deactivation, it shall be removed.

Manual Removal (Revealing Hand Maneuver)
It is possible to remove another character’s Mask by using a Kung Fu Technique called Revealing Hand Maneuver. This means that a Mask you wear can be removed by others.

1. How to Use it: Click to select the player whom you wish to unmask and then select the Revealing Hand Maneuver Kung Fu icon that you have registered in a quickslot.
2. How to Learn it: This skill is classified as a Vagabond Kung Fu Technique which you can learn from any NPC who has mastered it. This skill is not restricted by gender or by clan.
3. How to Level it: This skill can be leveled up but like many Vagabond skills it is done through the reading of a Manual. The manuals range from level 2 to level 10 and one must learn them in ascending order without skipping any levels.

Revealing Hand Maneuver’s success rate and vital energy consumption rate varies by skill level.

Additional Laws of The Mask
There is no level restriction upon use of Masks.
With a mask on you can hide your character’s true identity from both the screen and chat windows.
If you engage in a PK wearing a Mask, you will be recorded as a masked person in the PK history.
If you die with a Mask on and attempt to chat, your identity will be displayed on the chat window.

Public Enemy Status
It is written that one who wears a Mask has an illegal venture in mind, and so, know that if you are successfully unmasked, you will be marked as a Public Enemy of The Land. This means that you may be attacked by all users for five minutes.
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The Mask System
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