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 How does PK Mode work?

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How does PK Mode work? Empty
PostSubject: How does PK Mode work?   How does PK Mode work? Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 10:06 pm

PK Mode means you can select and attack another player in relatively the same way you would select an attack a monster anyplace else in The Land, but with certain restrictions, rewards and penalties attached to your actions.

PK Mode can only be used in a designated PK Zone (area or map) and it is performed simply by selecting an opponent player from a rival clan and pressing the Shift key to enter Combat Mode.

Once PK MODE is activated, you will see an indicator warning that reads PVP (Player Vs. Player) Mode has been initiated, and you will see a timer begin to countdown. Your character will remain in Combat Mode for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds Combat Mode will automatically disengage.

* Note that when a character enters PK Mode they cannot use Lightfoot Technique, Revive On The Spot, or Reviving Chi Kung for the duration of their conflict.

How to PK
Select an opponent and press Shift to attack.
If the opponent is a Vagabond, then you can only attack by pressing Shift.
If the opponent is from an enemy clan, then PvP is possible without pressing Shift.

The Laws of PK
PK Mode can be engaged without consent.
PK can be used only in designated areas.
There are no level restrictions between opponents.
One cannot use Lightfoot Technique during PK or PVP.
Is impossible to log out or quit the game during PK or PVP.
One cannot engage in PK while residing in an Impervious state.

If your opponent’s health falls to “0” then you have won the victory.
You can earn Good Karma from defeating non-allied opponents or develop Bad Karma from defeating your allies through the PK Karma System.
Disciples of the same major clan may not engage in PK unless they are masked.
PK is possible between the disciples of enemy clans.
Party Members shall not PK one another.
PK and PVP are not permitted between members of the same Hero Band, Storm Party, Raiding Party or Guild.

PK is not allowed in Safety Zones! Though it can indeed be initiated it is in violation of The Laws of The Land as agreed upon between both The Imperial Emperor and The Emperor Heavenly Demon. There is zero tolerance in The Land for Safety Zone violations. If you attempt PK in a Safety Zone you will be labeled a Criminal and could be attacked by the guards in all zones.

If you meet a guardsman from an enemy clan you may be attacked even if you are not a Criminal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PK
Those players who engage in PK can earn both Good Karma and Bad Karma as their reputations, which can affect their status in The Land.

Players can acquire Blood Essence Points from defeating other Players.

Players do not lose Experience Points when defeated by other Players.

Since players do not Drop Items upon defeat, there are no Items lost or won.

How does PK Mode work? Pk1

What is Good Karma?
Depending on one’s level of Good Karma, one can embark upon certain quests that promise high rewards and can also equip certain items that require prerequisite Good Karma Points.

What is Bad Karma?
Energy from your misdeeds lingers long within one’s chakras, and permeates one’s aura. If your Bad Karma is high you may be attacked by a number of highly perceptive Guards who patrol The Land.

What is a Blood Essence Point?
A Blood Essence Point is a point that you typically receive when you defeat monsters throughout The Land. If your Points exceed 999 then you will receive an item called a Blood Essence, which is a requirement for weapon refinement.

If you defeat another Player in PK mode, you may earn high Blood Essence Points, depending upon your opponent’s level. Know that when your character enters a Dying State your Blood Essence Points shall reset to 0.
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How does PK Mode work?
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