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 What is PK?

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PostSubject: What is PK?   What is PK? Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 10:03 pm

PK is short for Player Kill Mode in 9Dragons and it refers to a style of game play in which players can engage in combat with other players without advanced warning or consent. It is distinguished from normal play or Pleasant Mode where combat can only be initiated as a Duel between players with mutual consent.

PK Zone refers to any area or map in The Land where PK Combat may be initiated between players without warning or consent.

Upon transition to a PK Zone, a warning sign will appear that reads, “Your mode can be switched to Combat mode without your intention in this area. Do you still want to move?” You may then decide to accept or decline moving to that new area or map.

What is a PK Server?
A PK Server is a dedicated server in which PK Mode is widely available across many maps. The areas in which PK Mode is enabled may vary from server to server.

Pleasant Server vs. PK Server?
The beginning player may ask themselves, on which type of server shall I play? Pleasant or PK? The question is somewhat philosophical, grasshopper, and the answer is up to you. Some players prefer a Pleasant Server, knowing that they will spend the greater portion of their combat time fighting against the thousands of unique NPC (Non-Player Character) monsters that 9Dragons has to offer. One can still engage in combat with other players in specially designated Duel Grounds, in areas like the marketplace in Hefei, or the Grand Tournament that is currently under development for Beijing.

Others seek the “anything goes” atmosphere of a PK Server, where combat can be initiated without warning by rival clansmen.

Server choice is an important consideration for many players, because a character cannot currently be moved from one server to another, although this feature may be added in the future as a service. It is therefore recommended that you ask the advice of other players on our message boards, or experiment on different types of servers with various characters, to discover which mode of game play is preferable for you.

PK Zones are a natural part of The Land
PK is part of the 9Dragons experience, and therefore PK Zones exists even on Pleasant Servers, but only in a few specially designated areas. On the very lowest settings, currently employed on both the NIRVANA (US) and BARDO (EU) servers, which are Pleasant Servers, there are currently 3 PK Zones. They are…

Bloody Plain is the mysterious desert terrain (once an Oasis) where the Final Duel of The War of Nine Dragons was fought. Bloody Plain is also the designated area where Black & White Wars are held between the disciples of Black and White Clans.

The Cave of The Conqueror is a dungeon located in the center of Bloody Plain, reportedly filled with lost treasures. Those who are victorious during Black & White Wars are granted access to this dungeon’s lower depths.

Liaodong is a new map coming soon, and at least a portion of it will be designated PK to allow players to participate in a brand new feature of 9Dragons called Storm vs. Storm.

The new ASURA (US) Server will have PK Mode enabled from Level III, which means all maps beyond the six clan starter areas, Hefei, and both Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou will be designated PK Zones.
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What is PK?
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