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 Collectible list items and mobs

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Collectible list items and mobs Empty
PostSubject: Collectible list items and mobs   Collectible list items and mobs Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 10:11 am

Conquering Death Valley

Blue Cotton Cloth - Broken Blind Madman
Dian Cang's Book - Monstrous Blind Madman
Wooden Flute - Twin Brute
Gunpowder - Blue/poison Arrow Archer
Iron Plate - Iron Giant
Buddhist Beads - Blood Monk
Liquid Pouch - Black Confucianist
Silver Nugget - Drunken Swordsman
Golden Cotton Cloth - Iron Flower
White Iron Fragment - Frozen Iron Flower
Small Case - Twin Brute
Silk - Broken Blind Madman
Big Brass Plate - Superior Giant
Bronze Plate - Frozen Iron Flower

Conquering the Valley of Hell

Cracked Iron-Cored Wood - Deadly/Monstrous Crippled Demon
Blue Cotton Cloth - Red/blue toad demon
Scrap Iron - Axehead Demon
Small Scrap Iron - Stone-skinned Demon
Blue Dragon Dagger - Four-Armed Demon
Gold Rope - Bloodclaw
Ring of Death Valley - Blind (weapon) Demon Scout
Liquor Jug - Blind (weapon) Demon Warrior
Golden Belt - Blind (weapon) Demon Trooper
Wooden Flute - Blind (weapon) Demon
Silk - Blind (weapon) Demon Warrior, Blind (weapon) Demon Scout
Silk Pouch - Blind (weapon) Demon Trooper
Bronze Plate - Axehead Demon
Thin Iron Plate - Stone-skinned Demon

Conquering the Beast Clan

Fore Tooth - Blood Red Wolf
Thick Oil Pouch - Hawkeye
Tough Dog Tooth - Wolf Rider
Sorcerer's Cane - Voodoo Doctor
Giant Feather - Sorcerer
Leopard Paw - Black Leopard
Flute of the Beast Clan - Leopard Rider
Fiber Rope - Scrapper
Iron Mace - Iron-hammer Wielder
Spearhead - Bear Rider
Blunt Axe - Blunt Axeman
Big Tiger Bone - Big Tiger
Ivory - Tiger Rider
Skeleton Talisman of the Beast Clan - Sorceress

Conquering Golden Coin

Plate of Bronze Coin - Bronze coin bowman, Bronze coin convoy archer
Plate of Iron Coin - Iron coin guard warrior, bronze coin gladiator guardsman
Plate of Silver Coin - Silver Coin Convoy/Superior Witch Doctor, Silver Coin Convoy/Superior Acupuncturist
Iron Nugget - Any mobs with "Iron Coin" in their name
Bronze Arm Shield - Bronze coin bowman, Bronze coin convoy archer
Broken Bow - Bronze Coin Head/Superior/Master Bowman, Bronze Coin Head/Superior/Master Archer
Broken Arrow - (rare drop) Bronze Coin Head/Master Bowman
Platinum Nugget - Gold Coin Convoy Spearwoman, Gold Coin Convoy Lancer
Iron Armor Fragment - Any mobs with "Iron Coin" in their name
Copper Nugget - Bronze Coin bowman
Medicine Jar - Silver Coin Convoy Witch Doctor/Silver Coin Superior Witch Doctor
Needle - Silver Coin Convoy Acupuncturist/Silver Coin Superior Acupuncturist
Coated Iron Piece - Iron Coin Guard Warrior or any other mob that looks like it (Iron Coin Master Warrior, Leader of 2nd Faction, etc.)
Crest Shield - Iron Coin Guard Warrior or any other mob that looks like it (Iron Coin Master Warrior, Leader of 2nd Faction, etc.)
Wood Branch - (rare drop) Big-toothed Blood Red Wolf
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Collectible list items and mobs
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