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 The Choice of Fate

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PostSubject: The Choice of Fate   The Choice of Fate Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 4:48 pm

This is a rather simple guide, for those that do not understand the choice of fate. For those that do not know, the abbreviation "CoF" is used in place of "Choice of Fate" in the game.

The Choice of Fate is the dungeon for the first grinding map that players can journey to, meaning Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou. It is filled with monsters of death valley, but much stronger (at least 10 levels higher) than the monsters that you will find outside the dungeon. You must defeat all of the creatures that are inside and survive till you reach the final boss. For black clans, you will have to fight and defeat the Double-Faced Beggar, master of Southern Death Valley. As for white clans, you must defeat the Dream-Faced Buddha, the master of Northern Death Valley. The dungeon is cruel and unforgiving, but the rewards at the end are great.

Recommended levels for attemption the choice of fate:

Survival+Conqueror Epithet: Revolving Chakra 5+
Killing mobs and sort of helping to fight the boss (if you are a healer or hybrid, you can help to heal the player(s) attacking the boss): Raising Light 4+
Support Damage or tanking the boss: Five Dragons+
Getting the Killer epithet: (with an EC+ damage player and healer): Raising Light 10+ (or, with a godly player like Lonno, LS 0+)
Soloing the Choice of Fate: Depends on the role you are in. SM 10 for warriors, SM 7 for healers/hybrids, and nukers cannot solo at all very well, due to the massive amounts of mobs and poison in the first stage.)

-Entering the Choice of Fate-

The party leader must have 3 passes of death valley. They are as follows:

purple pass of death valley-easiest
green pass of death valley-normal
red pass of death valley-hard

The difficulty of the passes will be explained later. The harder the difficulty, the better rewards you will gain.

Now, you must have a total of 3 passes. You can mix colors, but the lowest color will be the difficulty.

Example: 1 green+ 1 purple+ 1 red= purple difficulty
1 purple+ 1 green+ 1 green= purple difficulty

The party leader must venture to the choice of fate gate (depicted by a very large skull.)

You must click on the skull and the right click your passes. When all 3 passes are shown, you must wait for your party members to accept enterance to the choice of fate. Once you do... the fun begins!

Now, the stages.

-1st Stage-
"Whoa wasn't watching my hp..."
Goal: Break the 5 seals.

It's quite a bit harder than it first seems. There are around 9 rooms to search in, and 5 seals to break. Rather high "health," so breaking may be a little hard. For RC fighters, you should just meditate, as you will probably die from the poison that is in the room. It activates a bleeding effect that will last until you break all 5 seals. When this happens, the poison will be deactivated, and you must exit the room to the next stage.

-2nd Stage-
"These arent like the mobs outside at all..."
Goal: Kill the mobs.

The room you will be in looks a lot like a roman colleseum. The mobs in this room are creatures of death valley. They include giants and earthworm demons. They are MUCH stronger than the mobs out in Zhengzhou/Shi Zhang. They are level 50-51 I believe. Anyone around that level can fight, which should be around RL 4. At this point, players who just come to get the conqueror epithet (RC players) should hit one of the mobs at least once to ensure the conqueror epithet.

-3rd Stage-
"This is irritating."
Goal: Kill more mobs.

This room looks a lot like the room you were previously in, except with different mobs. They include Poison Arrow Archers and Confusianists. Pretty easy, as there are less mobs in this room.

-4th Stage-
"ZOMG scary boss guy."
Goal: Defeat the Dream Faced Buddah/Double Faced Beggar.

There are no more rooms, so the boss will spawn in the same room. He will spawn with a few blind madmen (again, stronger than the normal monsters). Now, the boss is very strong, and you will not be able to do any decent damage until Five Dragons. Both bosses also have large AoE attacks, which don't do enough damage to 1 hit kill an RC player, but it has some debuffs which tend to be annoying for the players trying to kill the boss itself. (the damage itself is pretty great too, so watch out). Both bosses also have 2 stages. The first stage is a very relaxed and infrequent attacking stage, which can be defeated fairly easily, with the right attackers. The 2nd stage however, is dramatically different. It will attack the closest player to him/her (dream faced buddah is a her, apprently), with extreme aggro unless attacked by another player. Also, you must kill the 2nd stage of the boss within a time limit based on the color pass that you used to enter. This is how RC players tend to die and not get the epithet. A good SM character can kill the boss. Now, to get the killer epithet for someone who cannot kill the boss for him/herself, Everyone can help to kill the 1st form of the boss. Then when the 2nd form emerges, the player who wishes to gain the epithet must attack the 2nd form and do at least 2% of damage to the boss, while he/she is being constantly buffed and healed. At this point however, the higher level should be tanking the boss in order to absorb all damage. (having a healer for the tanker is good too) Eventually, the boss will be down to 1%. When this happens, he/she must log out and then everyone RL 4+ should attack the boss in order to kill him/her efficiently. (thanks to dhrddm for this information ^^) When the boss is killed, he/she will also drop some very valuable hp clothes, as well as some throne passes, which allow you to open the doors without breaking them. But, they are one way only. (Thanks to Wazza for this information ^^)

"Yay, stuff."
Goal: Loot.

The easiest stage to play through, and yet the hardest to get too. Ironic? I don't know. Anyway, you must break open the stone walls to reach the boxes in which various rewards are contained. They will offer gold, (around 150 on average) and sometimes, dungeon elixers. They sell for 40k each on Nirvana Server. Anyway, there is a time limit to all of this. You must also break down the doors at the end to exit back to zhengzhou/shi zhang, and if you do not break it in time, you will die. Lower level players (high RC to low RL) should break the doors first before looting to ensure a safe exit. That's it. The end. You get to see an interesting image which tells the story of the Choice of Fate, and you will get an epithet (if you did everything right.)

Anyway, that's it. I apologize for the lack of screenshots to further detail my guide. Even so, I hope this guide has helped you in some way or form.


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The Choice of Fate
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