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 how to make +9 waopen

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PostSubject: how to make +9 waopen   Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:10 am

wel its hard to make bad here is the trick

1 you have to be alone at the refiner
2 cee you have enouf dragonbloods to make 5 waopens
3 make your waopen +6 dhats easy
4 then know the trick
pick athere waopen rifen til it break afther the break put your +6 make +7
5 put back ather waopen refine til it break put back +7 make +8
the same way to +9

refiner never break 2 times afther eatchather i hope i make you all happy
be sure you be alone at refining

ps this is the way i made mi +9 not 100% sure it works
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how to make +9 waopen
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