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 how to make 2mil by rc4 and how to get a free wd rl weapon

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how to make 2mil by rc4 and how to get a free wd rl weapon Empty
PostSubject: how to make 2mil by rc4 and how to get a free wd rl weapon   how to make 2mil by rc4 and how to get a free wd rl weapon Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2008 10:25 pm

Well I was going to make this guide in the 9dragons forums, but i rather help out golden dragons first. (and sense we are all on nirvana and all wutang this makes things very easy)

Now the first thing to do is create a new character and get him up to mid rc. This shouldn't take long maybe 10 to 12 hrs, then do the roads to the dragon quest. (this is a really simple guide, i need to make it look fancy and long) get the advanced manual III from the quest and then do all your quests up to this point as you level, this should give you some worthless ambrosia like 100def boost or 100 dodge for 30mins stuff like that, but during those quests you get 3 korean gensing

Now you have everything you need (the advanced manual and the 3 kg) open a stand and set the price of the manual to 1.4 mil and the korean gensing at 200k each (thus giving you 2mil) I would like to note that prices do change, but the advanced manuals will always range from 1mil - 1.5mil and as of 04/06/08 the korean gensing is worth 250k. Now I know what you are going to say: "the manual is helpful, and everyone needs korean gensing" and I would agree with you, but no rc player will need kg (they arn't doing mansion runs, a chang10 heal with maxed hybrid and healer buffs would be good enough for the killer of mm, they arnt going to pvp as they are too low of a level to really start (fd would be a good level for nukers to start, rl for the hybrids who use the paranuke, sm for warriors so they can get enough stats to last a while, and I wouldn't recommend a healer to pvp unless you are a high level and you are wis built) and the manual is useless at this time as well (unless you are a hybrid sense their skill caps are lower then healer, and warrior will max out their important smashes by late fd early sm, nukers could use it but better for the fd1 bleed nuke, and healers dont need it until fd as well) at rc I personally would rather have 2mil so I can buy whatever I need (and testing buff training, you can read a book or do homework and buff train without it feeling like its taking forever to do, i'm currently doing that and got my fast heal to chang8 my wis buff to chang8 at 25% and got my other buffs capped until rl10)

My next guide deals with getting the free wd rl weapon before you reach rl4, I am also speculating that you dont have any characters over rl but its a simple fix (but it wont be free if you finished the collections) *note* when creating your first three characters DO NOT DIE I will explain later

Now to start create three characters to mid rc (i think rc1 is when the collection quests open for you, but its been a while) while training them I would recommend using gloves (requires less dex, get more criticals, and the damage difference isn't too much different) now by the time you reach late oc to rc1 you will fill your blood count, with three characters you get 3 blood essences (only two more to go) now that you are mid rc you can now start collecting items for conquring death valley (which gives you 2 free level 2 elixers) this is best done with a healer/hybrid (but you could still do it with a warrior and nuker, but you cant stay in the middle of the mobs and heal)

While you are leveling up, start collecting the items (there is a guide to the collections, use that) collect 15 of each required one (5 for each character) you should be able to collect them all by rc12 (rl1 for warriors sense the iron ladys are still orange at that level, i think) now there will be 2 items that you cant collect if you are white clan, the cook book, and the gunpowder (if you want this to be free and not cost 75k x 3 then one of your characters needs to be in a black clan, the best clan to do this would be sacred flower sense its not hard to enter that clan, less chance of dieing. If you want all white you can use the guide above and aquire enough gold to buy them.) Now on to the last 2 be's while leveling that character you should have gotten a nice deal of bc (if you haven't died) around 700 to 800 is what i had with my healer. Now get him to rl and fill the bc and get one be, one be left. The last be if you haven't guessed it already is by leveling one of the remaining 2 characters (this might be the character you want to have the wd weapon) and filling that characters blood count.

Now that you have collected all of the blood essences and finished the collection quest on the 3 characters now its time to get the elixers. you will be given 3 sets of 2, if I remember correctly (which is most likely wrong) reward one is str and dex, reward two is ess and wis, reward three is dex and con, and reward four is ess and con. you want to choose the first three sets which will give you an extra level 2 dex (and an extra level 2 essence if you complete rl2/3/4 quest, i know its one of those XD .) Now that you have your be's and elixers use one of your characters thats rl (close to rl4 so the wd weapons shows up) then add the items to the table and choose your weapon.

Now for those who have a high level character and want to use this for their lower level character it will still work as long as you haven't done the conquring death valley and/or conquring the valley of hell, if you have then you will need to buy the selected elixers or delete one of your characters and collect those items again.

I hope you liked my guides, I know there is some spelling errors and some of the stuff might be a little wrong but give me feedback (positive or negitive) and help me inprove this guide.
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how to make 2mil by rc4 and how to get a free wd rl weapon
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