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 Dueling in Hefei

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There is a Level II map called Hefei that is accessible from all six clan starter areas, which serves not only as a marketplace, but also as a Dueling Ground that is overseen by a neutral NPC (Non-Player Character) clan called The Duel Master Clan. One can engage in PVP (Player Vs. Player) combat with other players in specially designated Duel Grounds after each player has given their mutual consent.

• Minimum level for engaging in a Duel is Opening Chi Cheng (Level) 1.
• It is currently only possible to initiate a Duel in a selected duel area in Hefei.
• Group Duels are coming soon but are not yet enabled.

Starting a Duel
You can initiate a Duel by selecting an opponent, right-clicking, and then choosing Duel on the active menu.

You can also initiate a Duel by selecting an opponent who has registered to the Duel List. To review the Duel List you must visit an NPC of The Duel Master Clan who can assist you in sending out a request for Duel Writ.

Laws of The Hefei Duel Grounds
If your opponent’s health falls to 0 during a Duel, you will be named victorious.
If the Duel Time runs out, the disciple with the greatest remaining health will be named victorious.
Duel results are not currently being saved.
You cannot earn Experience, Kung Fu Skill, or Karma through the winning of a duel.
There are four Duel Arenas where up to four different teams can duel at any given time.
You will be placed on standby when all of the Duel Arenas are occupied. While on standby, your Duel Request will be canceled should you log out or move to a different map.
One cannot initiate a Duel with an opponent who has attained mastery in the form of either 12 levels greater or lesser than your own.
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Dueling in Hefei
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