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 Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists

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Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists Empty
PostSubject: Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists   Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists Icon_minitimeWed Mar 12, 2008 11:15 am

Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists BignukeNukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung ArtistsNukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists Bignuke
This guide is for lower level nukers who don't PvP. If your nuker is above Raising Light 1 and/or you PvP, please don't bother commenting.


Ok. You are a clan apprentice. You want to be a Chi Kung Artist. It is a long, difficult and expensive road. It pays off in the end, but this guide isn't about that. This guide is about the difficult part. Nukers are NOT suggested for first-time players. You should have another character at-least at RL before starting a Nuker character so you have the money to start out. Here are some things to think about:

    In the beginning, nukers are looked down upon and are easily PKed.
    The grind is long and hard.
    Nukes don't level up fast.
    Low Strength = Low Defense = You CANNOT let the mobs come near you unless you have your shield on.
    Nukers can't solo bosses really.

Still stubborn about being a nuker? Ok. Fine. Let's begin.


Without further ado, I present to you-

Wait a minute. Who am I kidding? Nukers use ONE weapon, no matter the clan, and that is the Bracer.

Of course, put ALL mastery into bracers, and as I have said in my warrior guide, stick to bracers... OR I WILL KILL JOO!
As for after Opening Chi 2 (Lv26), save your mastery, as Advanced Mastery will be implemented soon, be patient. Smile

The Best of the Best
Here are the best of the best as nukers go, first being the best.

Brotherhood of Thieves Armored Bandit
Armored Bandits specialize in the use of Chi Kung, mastering protective Armored Body Arts and the devastating long-range attacks of The Emperor’s Arts. While utilizing Armored Body to withstand an attack, these tenacious disciples wait patiently for the right moment of weakness in an opponent, then attack without mercy.

Heavenly Demon Storm Demon
Storm Demons must become proficient in various Chi Kung skills. They utilize protective arts of Demonic Iron and offensive Fiery Palm techniques. These elite soldiers are sometimes called “Terrors of Black Storm” for the damage they've caused in the past. Storm Demons who achieve mastery can reign terror down upon a battlefield.

Sacred Flower Mistress of Spirit
Mistresses of Spirit are said to be capable of casting enchantments upon an opponent's very soul, using The Art of Enchanting Spirits. This is a powerful system of Chi Kung that combines Sonic Arts with The Holy Mistresses' Divine Sorcery. Spirits also learn offensive Kung Fu Palm Techniques of Freezing Spirits and protective Chi Kung of Summoning Spirits.

Shaolin Exorcist Monk
Exorcist Monks overpower evil through their pure devotion, and hope to steer the souls of their opponents onto the righteous path. Exorcists learn to fully master their Chi Kung and utilize Xumi Arts, Palm Strikes Of One Thousand Buddha Arts and protective Diamond Arts.

The League of Beggars Dragon Beggar
Dragons master The League's powerful Chi Kung palm strikes. Suitable for striking an opponent down even from a distance. Mastery of Vital Energy heightens their inner force. The highest level of their training, called Eighteen Palms of Descending Dragon, was mastered only by their lost Dragon, Hu Shanshan.

Wu-Tang Black Tortoise
Black Turtles are Wu-Tang's masters of Chi Kung. They are soft-spoken in nature, but steadfast in discipline. Often sent on diplomatic missions, they protect themselves with Arts of Fortitude and subdue their opponents with Arts of the Turtle.

The equipment
For nukers, you want to go for slotted clothes with speed accessories or Jade Face (Male) or Siren's (Female). Slotted Siren's/Jade Face with speed accessories would be best. For hats, you get a selection at OC2. Don't go for Attack Rating or HP. The VE is best until you can get a slotted one with speed accessories. You get some 2% speed boots mid-OC, and 10% Movement speed and boots at RC12. For wristband, Chi Kung damage is best if you can get your hands on some. If you can't, get some slotted ones with speed accessories of course. Remember, speed is everything for nukers!

The build
The grand finale for nukers, how to build your nuker.

STR: Ignore this stat completely, save for at RC when you bring it up to 10 for relics, FD bring it to 12, and EC bring it to 14. However, you DO want STR elixirs for the defense it adds.

ESS: Your Essence should be around 40 during OC levels, and 50-60 for RC-RL levels.

WIS: Save this for last. When you have placed your stats for the other 4 attributes, dump the rest in here, and when you level, put all stats in here unless it's time for your Essence to go up.

CONS: You should only have a base of 35-40 constitution in the lower levels. It doesn't really matter if you have too little. If you're a good nuker, you shouldn't be getting hit by mobs anyways.

DEX: Same as STR.

Shen Mo: FD
Mansion: SM-GB
TGW: Uh... Why are you looking at this guy even? Fine I'll tell you: FC-CS

Well, it's more important to save your BEs for Wan Daye weapons, as they are better than refined weapons. +4 is the highest you should go until about SM. At that level, it is acceptable to go to +5 and +6. Wait until EC for +7 and FC-CS for +8 and +9
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Nukes Away: A beginner guide to Chi Kung Artists
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