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 Black and White Wars

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PostSubject: Black and White Wars   Black and White Wars Icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2008 10:20 pm

Bloody Plain was the location of the Final Duel of Nine Dragons and is considered sacred ground; however, the entire area remains seething with hostile energy. Great battles between Black and White Clan forces are often waged in Bloody Plain, and these battles are called Black and White Wars. Due to the destructive nature and history of this area, Bloody Plain is a PK Zone on every server and Black and White Wars will always be carried out there. While there is no level restriction to engage in combat in Bloody Plain or assist your fellow disciples, it is recommended that you have a fair amount of Kung Fu skill before taking part in the carnage. Although the rewards for winning a Black and White War are great, the corpses of too many novice disciples continue to litter these desolate grounds.

How will I know when a Black and White War is about to be waged?
You will receive a system message which reads, “A great battle between Black and White Clan forces is about to be waged in Bloody Plain. Please go to assist your fellow disciples.”

What happens during a Black and White War?
Those who reach Bloody Plain in time are divided into Black Clan Forces (The Brotherhood, Sacred Flower and Heavenly Demon) and White Clan Forces (The League, Shaolin and Wu-Tang Clan) and each side must defend their Grand Master while attempting to defeat their enemy’s Grand Master to win.

All White Clan disciples must defeat Overlord of North Sea while protecting Hermit of South Sea.

All Black Clan disciples must defeat Hermit of South Sea while protecting Overlord of North Sea.

If one side defeats the other’s Grand Master, those forces will be rewarded with increased Attack Ratings, Immunity to the poisons found with The Cave of The Conqueror, and a Pass to move to The Cave’s hidden 5th floor. There is a very strong deviant clan in The Cave of The Conqueror and should your party destroy them, the rewards shall be great indeed.

If a Vagabond kills a Grand Master the event shall immediately end.

If too much time has passed the Grand Masters of both sides will retire into seclusion.

If you plan on engaging in a Black and White War for the honor of your Clan, please review all of the guides relating to PK (Player Kill Mode) that are posted on our message boards.

And may the seeds of The Dragon within you forever thrive!
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Black and White Wars
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